Checking FAQs

Can I earn interest from The Hub?

The Hub does not offer interest earned on balances.

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When do checks clear?

Checks clear in the evenings. However, they can clear at any point throughout the day by electronic presentation or in person at the branch.

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How can I tell if the checks I deposited have cleared?

You can verify a check has cleared via, by calling Call 24 or by checking your statement. 

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How long does it usually take for the checks I deposited to clear my account?

Most checks clear within a day or two, others can take longer.

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What is a returned check?

A returned check is a check that was either deposited or cashed on your account and was denied payment by the financial institution it was drawn from. There are several reasons why an institution may not pay a check; insufficient funds, uncollectible funds, stop payment or closed account. The check may or may not be able to be deposited again depending on the reason for the returned check.

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Why is my balance more than my available balance?

There are several reasons this may occur:

  1. A check was deposited in your account and placed on hold.
  2. You used your Direct Debit Card and the merchant placed a hold on the funds.
  3. You gave someone a personal check and that individual brought the check into a branch to receive the funds, the check is held until the check is processed through our check clearing company.

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What should I do when an item clears my account that is unauthorized?

In the event the item is a check we will need to obtain a copy. This can be done at the branch or by calling our Priority Call Center at 781-455-6500. Once it is established that the item is unauthorized, an affidavit of forgery needs to be completed and either mailed to Direct Federal or taken into the branch for processing.  Once the process is complete your funds will be returned to your account.

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Is it possible to link my accounts together so that I can make transfers to other accounts?

Yes. Please call our Priority Call Center at 781-455-6500 and speak to one of our service associates.

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How do I make deposits into my checking account?

You can make deposits into your checking account by: Bank by Mail, the Branch, NYCE Share Deposit, Mobile Deposit and Direct Deposit.

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Which ATMs are available for use without incurring a surcharge?

You can use your Direct ATM card or Direct Debit Card at any SUM Network ATM Participants and Publix locations without incurring a surcharge.

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How do I get free checks?

You can get your free checks a number of ways. Your initial member check order is sent when you open a Member Checking account. You can also reorder them through web banking, the priority call center or in the branch.

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I authorized a check over the phone, why do I not see the check copy?

Sometimes the merchant does not generate a physical check when you authorize a check by phone. In this case the check appears in the account as an ACH transaction.

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How do I access copies of checks/statements?

You can access copies of your checks/statements by simply logging into our secure portion of the Direct site. Then click on service center and click on view checks/e-statements.

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What is an ACH?

An ACH, Automatic Clearing House, transaction is an electronic transaction that allows merchants to access your account. For example, payroll direct deposits are ACH deposits and gym membership dues can be set up as ACH withdrawals.

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How do I view activity on my account?

Simply log into the secure portion of the website and click on account summary.

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How do I make withdrawals from The Hub?

You can make withdrawals from your account via Call 24, at the Branch, a written check request, the priority call center or the ATM.

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Can I/How do I get an increase of my overdraft?

You can increase the line by calling the Call Center at 781-455-6500. You are not eligible to increase your line via the Web.

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