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Online Banking


What types of accounts can I view with Online Banking?

You can view all of your accounts, including:

You can view balances and histories of all your Direct Federal accounts including :

  • Checking
  • Savings
  • Mortgage
  • Home Equity Line
  • Auto Loan
  • Visa

Are there any costs associated with Online Banking?

Online Banking provides free account access.

Online Banking provides free account access.

Is Direct.com Online Banking secure?

Yes. Direct Federal uses a multi-tiered security policy that governs all aspects of Online Banking and Bill Payment.

Yes. Direct Federal uses a multi-tiered security policy that governs all aspects of Online Banking and Bill Payment.

  • The first tier is Data Source Security. All of your data is stored on a database at Direct Federal and at no time does anyone from the outside world have access to this database. Any and all requests for data must pass through two distinct validation and control centers.
  • The second tier is Data Transmission Security. Secure Socket Layering (SSL) protects all transmissions between you and Direct Federal via the Internet. SSL utilizes authentication and encryption technology. Encryption takes meaningful text and numbers and scrambles them into numerical nonsense before transmitting them across the Internet. This process uses complex mathematical formulas to create a key that is used to translate the numerical nonsense back into meaningful data. There are billions of potential keys and a different one is used for each on-line session with Online Banking. The key used is established when the online connection is made between your computer and Online Banking. Your next online session will use a completely different key.
  • The third tier is Account Protection Security. In order to access Online Banking, you must enter your Username. This is selected by you and cannot be your Direct Federal Account Number. The Passcode is selected by you and is known only to you. Direct Federal does not have access to your Passcode. In the event that someone accesses your Private computer, knows your Username and tries to guess your Passcode, the system will deny account  access and lock the account after four incorrect attempts. Only a Direct Federal Service Associate can unlock the account.


Affidavit of Lost or Stolen Official Check

If you withdrew funds in the form of an Official Check, use this form if the check was lost or payee never received the check.


Affidavit of Forgery

Use this if you have a check that cleared your account and it wasn't your signature.