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Tech Tips from DFCU's IT Department | Credit Union | MA 04/18/2017

All Operating Systems Can Be Affected By Viruses and Malware. Take Steps to Protect Your System.

Many believe that Mac computers are immune to viruses and malware, but this is not true. Any operating system, and even mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, can acquire viruses and malware. To protect your system, ensure that you have an updated security system running at all times, scan anything you add to your computer, and avoid opening programs and links that seem suspicious or aren’t from someone you trust.

Simple Passwords Are Often Easily Guessed. Use a Mix of Upper and Lower Case Characters, Numbers and Special Characters.

When choosing a password, you should avoid simple passwords because they could be easily guessed. Instead, create a password that includes a mix of upper and lower case characters. Including at least two numbers and at least one special character will greatly increase the complexity of your password and ensure that they cannot be guessed.

Phishing isn’t relegated to just e-email.

Cybercriminals will also launch phishing attacks through phone calls, text messages, or other online messaging applications.  Don’t know the sender or caller?  Seem too good to be true?  It’s probably a phishing attack.