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Four Online Shopping Safety Tips For The Holidays 12/17/2019

Here are few tips from the Federal Trade Commission and Identity Theft Resource Center on how to protect your digital profile.

Safety Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Scams 11/27/2019

Safety Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Scams

4 Ways to Save on Your Thanksgiving Feast 11/26/2019

The countdown to Thanksgiving has begun. We all look forward to preparing a great meal for friends and family, but the costs – in both time and money – can be hard to digest.

Navigating the Mortgage Maze 11/12/2019

Whether you're buying your first home or your fifth home, your financing options can be confusing. That's because many types of mortgage loans are available, with varying rates and terms. However, the basic difference in mortgage loans boils down to these aspects of the loan: - Whether the interest rate is fixed or adjustable. - Whether the loan is government insured.

Balance Transfers: Playing the Credit Card Game | Credit Union 10/24/2019

So, you’ve had a lot of expenses pop up out of nowhere. Your kitchen has been remodeled for a refi, you’ve replaced your busted washer and dryer, and you’ve had to buy new furniture because some visitors from England decided to bounce up and down on your couch and break it. Just like that, you’ve run up your credit card and you’re past your no-interest pay period. It is a pickle. There is, however, a way to get around it. You can have a high balance and not be stuck paying high interest on your credit card. You might ask how. Well, here’s the big secret; Balance transfer.

Get the 411 on Mortgage Lingo | Credit Union | Needham | MA 10/17/2019

Before you start looking at houses, here are a few key mortgage terms you need to understand before you look into financing the home of your dreams. Principal This the original total amount borrowed from your lender, before interest. Interest Interest is the cost of borrowing money. You repay the principal amount of the loan, plus interest.

Why Your Next Car Loan Should Be From a Credit Union | MA 10/16/2019

If you’re in the market for a new automobile, maybe you think the easiest way to get your dream car financed is to obtain dealer financing at the time you buy the car. In a sense, that’s true – as long as you don’t mind spending more time and money than necessary just to make things “easy.” Getting an auto loan through your credit union does require a little more effort on your part. You apply for the loan before you go shopping and get pre-approved for a specific maximum. Then you can use that pre-approval almost like cash when you go shopping. It may seem strange if you’ve never done it before, but car dealers are very experienced in BYOF (bring your own financing) buyers.

How to Shop for Auto Insurance | Credit Union | Needham | MA 10/16/2019

Auto insurers spend millions of dollars on national advertising. Most of them try to convince you that they’re the cheapest. Does “save $500 in 15 minutes” sound familiar? But how can they save you money when they’re spending so much on advertising? There must be one company that’s the cheapest, right? Wrong.

Timing Your Car Shopping | Credit Union | Needham | MA 10/11/2019

There a few factors to keep in mind when trying to get the best price on a car.

Tech Tip Tuesday: Info Shared On the Internet Can't Be Deleted 03/19/2019

Information Shared On the Internet Can Never Be Deleted. Never Share Information Online That You Don’t Want Everyone to See

Tech Tip Tuesday from our IT Department: Forwarding Emails 03/12/2019

When you forward an email to others or copy new people to an email thread, review all the content in the entire email and make sure the information contained in it is suitable for everyone.

Tech Tip Tuesday: Cyber Bullying is a Crime | Credit Union 02/26/2019

Cyber Bullying Isn’t Just a Matter for School Officials. It’s Also a Crime. Report Any Instances of Cyber Bullying to Local Authorities