Facebook 5/1 ARM


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5/1 ARM


  • 95% financing available for purchase of a primary residence.
  • Cash out up to 80% LTV for the payoff of your 1st and 2nd mortgage.
  • Initial interest rate remains the same for 5 full years. The rate adjusts annually thereafter.
  • Allows for higher loan amount qualification and enhanced buying power.

Best Choice if You Want:

  • The interest rate to stay constant for the first five years.
  • To keep your payments low.
  • To maximize the amount of loan you qualify for.


  • This 30-year ARM is riskier than a 30-year fixed mortgage because the interest rate and payments can rise above the current fixed rates over time.
  • ARM Features:
    • Rate caps = 2% initial cap, 2% annual cap and 5% life cap.
    • Index = 1 Year CMT
    • Margin = 2.75%
    • Interest rate remains the same for 5 full years. The rate adjust annually thereafter.