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Many employees stress about their finances which may cause a decrease in productivity. Our Business Development Manager, Jessica Glezellis, recognized there is need in our communities to offer a free financial wellness benefit to employers. Through this benefit, employees have a resource to ask questions about their financial concerns as well as  review their budget, credit report, product knowledge and much more. Further, Direct Federal offers online courses & onsite workshops on various financial topics, and one-on-one appointments conveniently at your workplace. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, our robust program provides a helpful tool for your employees that can be an added value to your benefits package. Additionally, if an employee becomes a member of the credit union, they'll receive program rewards on our products and services which will help them earn or save more as well.

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 Direct@Work benefits to your employees:

Financial Wellness Program
  • On-site educational workshops
  • Wide range of online courses  
  • Access to topic experts
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 Personalized Service
  • On-site remote account openings
  • On-site Q&A on products & services
  • Assist with direct deposit
  • One-on-one basic financial planning


 Employee Rewards Program
  • Each employee receives $50.00
  • An additional 0.25% off of our market-leading auto loan rates
  • Premium rates on CDs
  • $500 off closing costs
  • Seasonal specials throughout the year

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