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Home Equity

10-Year Draw

3.99 % APR*


30-Year Fixed Rate Jumbo

3.642 % APR*

Rate Riser

Money Market

1.50 % APY*



2.00 % APY*

What is a credit union?

We may be biased, but we think Credit Unions are a no brainer. Credit unions, including Direct Federal, are not-for-profit, member-owned financial institutions. Credit Unions are in business to serve their community and members rather than their investors. This means credit union members receive higher savings returns, lower loan rates, and fewer fees. Credit unions are focused on serving a common field of membership, based around characteristics such as employer or industry, membership in an organization, or the member’s community. In Direct Federal's case, we serve Norfolk and Middlesex County. If you live, work, worship, go to school, or have an immediately family member who lives, works, worships, or goes to school in Norfolk or Middlesex County, you've found your credit union home.

Why Direct Federal?

Direct Federal offers market leading rates across all of our products, from Share Certificates and Savings accounts to Home Equity Lines and Mortgages. Only we can do this thanks to our unique business model, where everything we save from only having the expenses of ONE branch, goes back to you. We don’t waste money on a fancy network of branches that are closed more than they're open. This certainly doesn’t mean we’re hard to bank with, it means we’re smart to bank with. You can do all your account openings right here online. Direct Federal is the fastest growing credit union in Massachusetts. Don't miss out.

Take a look below to see how much you could save or earn at Direct Federal. The proof is there. Open your accounts with us today and we guarantee you'll save money each month. Ask us today about the Direct Advantage.


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Who can join Direct Federal?

Direct Federal is a community chartered credit union. This means that ANYONE who lives, works (or regularly conducts business in), worships, or attends school in Norfolk or Middlesex Counties, Massachusetts; or, has an immediate family member that lives, works (or regularly conducts business in), worships, or attends school in Norfolk or Middlesex Counties is eligible to join. Joining is free! There is no cost to you and no separate application. Just open an account or apply for a loan and we'll automatically open your membership for you. Join the 30,000 plus members we currently have. Once a member, you're a member for life.

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