Direct@Work is a unique program that gives local businesses a way to enhance the financial wellbeing of their employees. Businesses can provide the program as a benefit, giving employees the opportunity to unlock exclusive rates on a range of products, and to access free financial education through online courses, on-site workshops, and one-on-one appointments.
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Employee Banking Benefit

Direct@Work helps take the stress out of everyday finances by allowing employees to look at their overall financial picture, develop an action plan to reach their goals, and find ways to save and earn as much as possible every month. Direct@Work representatives work with individuals to review their credit report, develop a budget, assess available products & services, and more.

This free benefit is also available to family members of employees enrolled in the program. Contact us to talk about adding the perks of Direct@Work to your business.


Auto Loan Discount

Mortgage Discount

¹ Mortgages: $500.00 off closing costs applies for purchase or refinances for fixed or ARM products.

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