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Here you can find and download many of the forms that are needed to conduct your business with Direct Federal.  Simply open, complete and print the form.  Then, mail or fax it to us. You also have access to the documents that you received when your membership was established.  Of course, these are the latest versions. 

Use the SELECT TOPIC drop-down to narrow your search by selecting a category. Then click SEARCH to see all the forms in that category.  If you know a KEYWORD, enter that before clicking SEARCH.

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Retail Accounts Schedule of Fees

Our current fee schedule. 

Request a Change

Direct Deposit Authorization

Use this to initiate a direct deposit to your account.

Report Fraud

Affidavit of Lost or Stolen Official Check

If you withdrew funds in the form of an Official Check, use this form if the check was lost or payee never received the check.

Affidavit of Forgery

Use this if you have a check that cleared your account and it wasn't your signature.

Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit (ACH)

Use this to dispute an charge on your account that came through electronically.

Affidavit of Unauthorized ACH Activity

Use this to dispute an electronic transaction to your account that you did not authorize.

Disputed MasterMoney Transactions

Use this to dispute a purchase charge made with your Direct Federal debit card.

ATM or Debit Card Dispute Form

Use this to report any fraudulent activity on your Direct Federal ATM or debit card.

Affidavit of Unauthorized Remotely Created Check

Use this if a business generated a paper check that cleared against your account without your approval.


Privacy Policy

The privacy of your personal and account information is extremely important to us.  How we treat your information is all right here.

Rules & Regulations

Everything you need to know about the accounts, services, rules and your rights all in one convenient place.

Initiate an Action

Bank-By-Mail Deposit

Use this when mailing in a check to us.

Wire Transfer and Instructions

Use this to request that we wire funds to another financial institution.

ACH Stop Payment Request Order

Use this to stop a regularly scheduled electronic withdrawal from your account.

Stop Payment on a Personal Check

Use this to stop a payment on a personal check.  Call the Member Services department as soon as possible to ensure the check has not already been presented for payment.

Switch Your Account - Authorization to Switch Direct Deposit

Use this to authorize you Direct Deposit that is currently going to another financial institution to Direct Federal.

Switch your Account - Authorization to Close Your Account at Another Financial Institution

Use this to authorize the closing of your account(s) at another financial institution.

Switch Your Account - Authorization to Redirect Automatic Payments

Authorization to have your payments come from your new Direct Federal account.

Visa Credit Card Dispute Form

Use this form to dispute an unauthorized transaction on your Direct Federal Visa Credit Card.  If your Visa Credit Card has been lost or stolen, or you are reporting fraudulent activity on your Visa Credit Card, please call (800) 449-7728.

Request a Change

Automatic Payment Service Agreement

Use this to initiate an automatic withdrawal of a payment from your Direct Federal account.