What do I need to do with my Title if I am moving to another state?

If you are moving to a different state within the U.S., a state change request should first be submitted through Online Banking or by calling our Contact Center at 888.2DIRECT.

IMPORTANT: Direct Federal cannot process the state change for you. You must complete this process with the applicable RMV.

This request allows us to print/prepare the title so you can process the state change at the RMV. We will mail the title to you at the address we have on file. Then bring it to the RMV to complete the title and registration in your new state. We cannot do this for you.

IMPORTANT: The process is different for owner retained states. If you live in an owner retained state, you do not have to file a state change with us. Simply go to your new RMV to title and register there. Please make sure all Direct Federal’s information is correct on all documentation so that we get notified of the state change.

Going to the RMV before filing a request with us will result in delayed processing of your forms. The RMV will contact us to request that the title be mailed to them, resulting in a higher chance of title loss. In this case, we will not be able to provide you with a duplicate title unless Direct Federal is listed as lienholder.

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