What is the difference between a Title and Registration?

The title proves that you own the vehicle. The registration is permission from the state to operate it on the road. It will come to you with license plates and/or a sticker to display on the vehicle. In most states, your registration should always be with your vehicle, just like your license plates.

The final step of owning your new vehicle is to register and title it at your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (RMV). It may also be known as the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV), or the Department of Transportation (DOT), depending on your state. For simplicity here, we will refer to it as the RMV.

Direct Federal only holds onto the title while your auto loan is open if you do not live in an owner retained state. If you live in an owner retained state, the RMV will send you the title to keep safe until your loan is paid in full.

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